Society Administrative, Book Keeping and Accounts Management Services


1) Supervision of the agencies like Security, Housekeeping, Pool Cleaner, Gardner and Other Staff Appointed by the Society Management Authority.
2) Maintenance of the Attendance Register, Allotment of work to staff mentioned above, ensuring that the staff carry out their work as decided by the Society Management Authority.
3) Keeping a checklist for the work done by staff, Specially House Keeping and the Security Services.
4) Building Premises Inspection at least twice a day
5) Keeping a log book for maintenance of lifts by keeping an alert on the functioning and failure of lifts, Pumps, Intercom System, Various electrical Points, Plumbing Points, and Generator Sets.
5) To Meet and try to Resolve Residents Grievances regarding Societies technical issues as well as keeping the Society Members informed through a Circular about in house activities.
6)To handle Banking Operations, Payment of all Bills - like Electricity, Water, Municipal Tax, Liaison works with local authorities like CIDCO office, Municipality, Registrar office, Advocates, Auditors, Inspectors etc.


1) Maintaining Accounts as per requirement for billing and follow up for payments and recovery
2) Writing minutes of the meeting - (AGM & SGM) keeping record of all minutes
3) Maintaining Statutory registers like (a) Share Register (b) J Register (c) I register
(d) Property Register (e) H Register (f) O registers
4) Filing of all documents and keeping track as per the minutes
5) Working on Annual Balance Sheet
6) Auditing the balance sheets from auditor (Auditor charges will be extra)
7) Filing form O audit rectification report to registrar
8) Preparation of vouchers, receipts, bank pay in slips, maintenance of petty cash book, maintenance of collection